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Love Poem Medley

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I’m not a stalker that’s the title when
I asked you for a chai latte what I
meant to say was I was walking past I
saw you in the window
to be honest I only came in here because
I had to know what your voice sounded
like instead of saying that I got really
nervous and ordered the first thing on
the menu I don’t even know what chai is
or a latte for that matter I imagined
that when God made you I bet he costs
for the first time I bet he turned to an
angel gave him a high-five and said god
damn I’m good or me damn I’m good cuz
he’s like God right I spent the last
five days trying to figure out how I’m
gonna do some I self to you properly I
finally figured it out it’s gonna be
something like hi that’s all I got so
far but I think it’s a good start I’m
gonna be honest it’s not often that I
find myself eager to write about love in
fact every time I try to write about
love my hands cramp just to show me how
painful love can be sometimes my pencils
break just to prove to me that every now
and then love takes a little more work
than you planned

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November 21, 2018 at 07:07AM

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