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How To Make Something Incredible Right Where You Are


How To Make Something Incredible Right Where You Are

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.

After moving to the Ozarks in the summer of 2017 I was lucky enough to find a local show called The Mystery Hour. The funny thing about the show is that it’s neither an hour nor does it have anything to do with mysteries

Go Figure.

Shortly after finding the show I was able to score an interview with the creator and host, “Mystery” Jeff Houghton. The story of the Mystery Hour isn’t the focus of this piece, but a little background never hurts, right?

Jeff started The Mystery Hour while working with a local improv group in Springfield, MO and one night while performing on stage with the group he created a fake talk show. It was such a success he did it the next week and each week for the next four years before a local Fox affiliate picked up the show in a weekly Saturday night slot.

Six seasons on television and four local Emmy’s later the show is now syndicated on several Fox and ABC channels across the country. But the story isn’t about the show. It’s about Jeff and his amazingly positive attitude.

Houghton is the force behind the wildly popular Instagram account, Instagram Husband and produced a video in which he starred in called, Make Something Where You Are. It’s that video I want to focus on in this piece.

The premise of the video is that we don’t need to go to a certain place to make our dreams happen. It may be easier to go that those places but we can make it happen right where we are.

It happened to a guy from Iowa who made his way to Springfield, MO, population less than 170,000. Not exactly a mecca for broadcasting nor the place where you would expect to find four Emmy’s, but it happened.

“Maybe where you are isn’t who you are,” Jeff starts out in the video. “We believe this fallacy that there are places for dreamers and it’s probably far away.”

These are the lies we tell ourselves daily. The lies I tell myself almost hourly. That I don’t have the ability to make anything great, or even good, happen. But I can. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. One day I’ll probably come to completely believe it.

Take a look at the video, get inspired and then use the comments section to tell us what your dream is and where you’re going to make it happen.


You can do it. We can do it. We just have to believe in ourselves.




To find out more about Jeff Houghton visit The Mystery Hour and if you’re ever in Springfield, MO check for a live taping of the show. They’re a blast to attend.

You can find Jeff on Twitter @themysteryjeff

Check out Instagram Husband. Instagram.com/ig.husband

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