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You Can Live Your Dreams


You Can Live Your Dreams

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.

How does one decide to get into the tree stump removal business?

I’m not making fun, I’m actually a little jealous.

This guy simply saw a need for a service and created the business to provide it.

Or maybe he just freakin’ hates tree stumps! And ripping them from the earth is satisfying in a way I have not experienced.

He’s his own boss, has control over the hours he works, and is in charge of paying himself a livable wage, which is something lots of corporations try to either weasel out of or unabashedly avoid.

The same is true with the Pooper Scooper guy. How did that happen? He was cleaning up dog poop and wished someone was paying him to do it?

Or maybe he wished there was someone he could hire to clean up the dog poop. And decided if he was interested in hiring a feces wrangler, maybe other people would be too.

Or professional cuddlers? Someone thought, “If I’m going to lounge around with a boner poking me in the back, there must be a way to get paid for it?”

Anyway, all of these people somehow saw a need and decided to start businesses to service that need.

So often people are told to follow their dreams. And when I think of dreams, I think about being a Rock Star, an actor, a writer, or medaling in the Olympics.

But dreams don’t have to be big. They don’t have to be about fame or being ultra-rich. They can be about not having an idiot boss or quitting a cubicle job.

I had a friend whose dream it was to be a bartender and work at the hottest nightclubs in town.

His dream was to create beautiful cocktails for interesting people and not have to wake up early. He achieved it and had an amazing time.

He lived his dream!

Just like the guy feared by tree stumps everywhere.

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