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Cultivate a Heroic Mindset


Cultivate a Heroic Mindset

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.

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Like any philosophy of life, Live The Hero requires some mindfulness. Like anything worthwhile in life, change takes some work. Many of us don’t take time to periodically evaluate whether or not our current thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are building us up or beating us down.

Ultimately, it’s about making the choice to believe in yourself as someone who is resilient and capable, with the ability to shape your life as you see fit. The following are traits vital to the heroic mindset.

1. The Universal Golden Rule

You’ve heard it before, no matter what your background: “treat others as you want to be treated.” For heroes, this is a vital belief. The real purpose of a hero isn’t glory or fame, it’s the satisfaction of supporting the human need for cooperation and reinforcing the bonds that bring us together.

Take this foundational hero trait to heart, and believe that all human beings are worthy of life, justice, and the pursuit of purpose (and therefore, happiness).

2. Remember the Biology of Negativity

We have a survival instinct called the negativity bias. It has served us well as a species for ages by keeping us alert for danger. But today it is overstimulated by how our communication technology can bring us bad news 24/7! We can acknowledge the fact that human beings are capable of evil, but we must never forget we are also capable of incredible good.

The existence and growth of human civilization and technology is proof that justice and cooperation consistently win out over the darker side of our nature. If not, we would never have gotten this far or survived this long.

The hero mindset recognizes the negativity bias for what it is, then makes the choice to see the world as a place where both positive and negative things happen. Life is neither fair nor unfair, it just is. This gives us the freedom to see the world as a place of possibility, not just pain.

3. Be Good with Uncertainty

There’s nothing wrong with craving certainty. It’s natural to want things to be predictable and comfortable. But deep down, we know we can never have total certainty in life. Trying to avoid or deny this fact causes problems in human society

The heroic mindset shows us that instead of the futility of trying to make the world certain, we can instead be certain about ourselves. If we create our own purpose and meaning for our lives, we create a strong foundation for our lives. If we learn to have self-worth and self-esteem, we can take strength and confidence from depending on ourselves.

The hero mindset also sees uncertainty as a provider of possibility. It means your “fate” is not set. Therefore, your life is yours to create. Even if there are people trying to keep you down, they can never suppress the determination and willpower within you.

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