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Overcome Obstacles with the CALL Cycle


Overcome Obstacles with the CALL Cycle

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.

Continued from Part 2…

In all hero stories, there is a call to adventure. Someone is challenged to take on a quest that promises a better future for them and the world around them. In real life, our personal quests may not necessarily end in fame and fortune, but the real treasure we can pursue is to create our own purpose, meaning, and the happiness we find as a result.

When facing your daily challenges, Live The Hero gives you a three-step process you can use as a mindfulness tool. Known as the CALL Cycle, it can be used to take conscious control of your reactions to what happens to you in life. Eventually, it will become a powerful, positive habit.

Step 1: C = Challenge

Your boss gives you a huge deadline. Someone cuts you off on the road. Your kids act out. These are all challenges. Anything that threatens to throw you off balance and make you sad, angry, anxious, worried, fearful, etc. can be seen as a “monster” you must face.

When you encounter a challenge, stop and consciously think about it as more than just a problem, annoyance, or evidence that “life sucks.” Think of it as an opportunity to overcome and grow. This is an opportunity to “slay the monster.” It’s a chance to have a positive reaction/impact on your outlook and, maybe, the world around you.

Step 2: A = Action

Remember and accept that there are outside circumstances we cannot control in life. Remember what you can control: your reaction to any given situation.

Decide to enter a solution-focused mindset, rather than just become frustrated and give in to the unconscious fight-or-flight response. This is your chance to “pick up your sword” and take action, rather than react with negativity. Don’t clog up your life with unproductive resistance toward the situations you encounter. Take that new deadline and attack it! Let go of road rage. Correct your kids’ behavior calmly.

Step 3: LL = Lessons Learned

Here’s where you succeed at your quest, and get the “treasure.” By not resisting life and wishing your circumstances were different, you’ve decided to flow with events and adapt. In other words, you’ve lived heroically! You’ve used your skill and talent to take control of the situation. You’ve slain the monster!

Think about the valuable lessons learned about yourself, your life, and the world. That not only benefits you, but those around you. Your coworkers notice you’re cool under pressure. You avoid needless conflict with a stranger. Your kids know they can trust and respect you.

Answer the CALL

Again, building habits—whether good or bad—takes time, and repetition is necessary for them to become unconscious reactions. You won’t immediate become a master of self control after the first time you use this three-step process. Have patience and give yourself some time.

When inevitable obstacles arise in your life, answer the CALL!

Concluded in Part 4…


What’s Next? Talk with others. Take action.

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