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The Risks of Distant Fatherhood


The Risks of Distant Fatherhood

This article is for information only and doesn’t call for any action.

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Divorce has restricted access to your children/ Because you see them so rarely, you overindulge them with play, treats, excursions. Treating them to good times help assuage your pain, jealousy, and anger, but you too easily forget your fathering includes counsel, skill sharing, and supportive discipline.



The manhood game cards were created and developed by Dr. George Simons as a way to reframe men’s perceptions of themselves.

As Dr. Simons writes in his intro post:

Life is often played as game in which men’s welfare is a pawn to be sacrificed. Today I invite you to join me in another game, diversophy Manhood, a game for reframing men’s perceptions of themselves, for refreshing their mission in life, and disarming social biases that attack male health and limit the possible in their own eyes and actions. Each day I will post a new card from this game, a snippet of wisdom to GUIDE our exploration, a RISK to face, facts to test our SMARTS, a CHOICE to make, or an experience to SHARE.

This post was originally published on George Simons LinkedIn and is republished here with his permission.

Did you have a distant dad? You should be interested in reading Dr. Jed Diamond’s book My Distant Dad: Healing the Family Father Wound (Lasting Impact Press, 2018)

See all published Manhood Game cards here. Several new cards are published every week!


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