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Amazing Moms Coffee Table Book Features Rock Star Mom


Amazing Moms Coffee Table Book Features Rock Star Mom

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Rock Star Mom
Jacquee Lukawski, Delaware USA

I’m the mom of sons Jesse, 2 and Julian, 3 months and wife to husband Jon, who’s a Civil Engineer, photographer, and musician. I’m the lead singer of Jaxy & the Three 57s, Designer of Jaxy Oh! Fashion for Rock Stars, Host of the Rock Star Mom podcast, blogger, and soon to be Editor of a fashion and music magazine that I’m starting with Jon. My brand, Jaxy Oh! is all about the intersection of music, fashion, and celebrating women’s contributions to both. I enjoy yoga, reading, and journaling, sketching, painting; anything to capture the ideas that come to me in the fleeting moments of life and motherhood.


Life is too important to be taken seriously. – Oscar Wilde

What I do well as a mom.

I’m good at connecting with my kids at their level. I can get to the root of what’s bothering them because I try to see the world from their perspective. I routinely infuse silliness and songs into diaper changes so that it’s more enjoyable for all parties involved. I’m also good adapting to whatever challenges parenting presents and can switch gears, be spontaneous and make the most out of the adventures with my kids.

What I learned from another mom.

To carry treats in the diaper bag. We were trying to leave the play area at the mall but my son, Jesse, was not having it. Total toddler fit while I was starving and sweating profusely with baby Julian strapped to my chest. A mom who I never met gave me fruit snacks to lure Jesse away from the rides.

Lesson learned from my child.

To let my needs be known. It’s okay to show vulnerability and to let others in to help you. I think that deep down what we all want is to help one another and to also be of service to other people.
Successful motherhood moment.

When I was pregnant with Julian, Jesse would get extremely jealous and upset whenever I held his baby cousins. I bought a book called, “I’m a Big Brother” and read it to him frequently. I also showed Jesse pictures of him when he was a baby as well as when I was pregnant with him. Then one day Jesse rubbed his brother’s belly and head and gave him a kiss.

Mom I admire.

My friend, Kelly. She became a mother at an older age. After losing a baby and dealing with health issues, I watched Kelly overcome many parenting challenges. Kelly is also very thorough in studying about child development and parenting best practices but wisely adopts a common sense approach that works for her family.

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This post was previously published in Amazing Moms coffee table book and is reprinted with permission of the author.

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